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Somewhere along the way, clients started asking Linnett Studios for more than color studies, graphic slaps, instruction sheet line art—all of which we’d been providing with ease.

We'd developed a reputation for being the most talented and reliable resource available for a multitude of graphic needs, and now product managers were sitting in brainstorming meetings and thinking of us. We started getting calls to help sketch out new products and bounce ideas off the industrial engineers.

Our passion for cool toys and cartoons and all things "kid," was finally paying off!

Product Design is probably our favorite area of work—where we get to offer our expertise, and work with a team to create a great product that rocks kids' worlds. For us, there’s no greater thrill than spotting one of our projects finished, packaged, and sitting on a retail store shelf—and knowing that we were part of the incubation and birth of that superior product.

That is what rocks our world.

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