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Services to Help Your Business Reach New Heights

Linnett Studios is a two-sister design team offering a host of illustration and design services. We specialize in the concept, design and development of products for the infant and toddler market, in addition to offering superior design services for all aspects of visual communication.

We like to draw. We like kids. We like kids’ stuff. We watch cartoons, and slyly call it “research.” Truth is, we’d be watching it anyway, but the fact that we have a passion for the genre make us a highly knowledgeable (and fun) resource.

Our illustration styles vary widely, including cartoon and whimsical, instructional and technical. We have designed entire lines of juvenile product supporting licensors such as Disney, Sesame Workshop, HIT Entertainment, Marvel, and Lucasfilms.

Grounded in the Family Tree

Our history started with our father, famed—we promised we’d use that word—illustrator Charles Linnett.

  Charles Linnett photo  

From sports portraits to toilet brushes, he drew it all. Our dad was a true commercial artist; he wasn’t in it for his own “artistic values”; he just wanted to pay the bills. But at the same time he was good—better than most, and it showed.

He always taught us to take care of the clients’ needs before our own, and help illustrate the difference between good and mediocre artwork.

How We Got Our Wings

Kate Linnett studied at the Massachusetts College of Art as well as the Vesper George School of Art in Boston. Now defunct, Vesper George was well known and highly respected within the commercial art community for its curriculum and educators, not to mention for producing some of the best-known commercial artists.

Kate Linnet portrait

Kate began her career as a freelance illustrator working with her father while still attending art school in Boston. After graduating from Vesper George in 1982 she freelanced for several more years until she stumbled across The First Years (then Kiddie Products, Inc.) while searching for a nearby art supply store.

It was a match made in designer’s heaven and after freelancing for them for four months they offered her a position as Senior Graphic Designer. For the next four years, she and her Design Manager handled all of the company’s art needs...product illustration; package design and mechanical paste-ups (remember those?); annual product catalogs; signage; tradeshow booths; and all the sundry art needs of a fast-growing company, right down to the Christmas card!

Then, in 1993, she was offered the opportunity to return to freelancing for the company on a full-time basis, and jumped at the chance. In the fourteen years since, The First Years (now Learning Curve Brands) has remained one of Linnett Studios’ key clients, providing us with ever-expanding opportunities to stretch our creative wings.

Patti Linnett-Tuttle received her BFA from The UMass Lowell in 1991. After college, she was employed by Sony Music for several years, after which she returned to New England from New York, where she earned a Master certificate in graphic and Web design from Clark University.

Patti Linnett portrait

Around this time, she began assisting Kate with freelance projects as the studio continued to bring in more and more work. Patti has become the studio’s technical guru, keeping us up-to-speed on all the latest techniques, and occasionally randomly breaking into dance at her desk.


So, here we are.

We ROCK, and we know it. And we’ll be happy to show you how we can help your creative needs take off.

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